Superior Powdercoat Finishes


Silver Hammer Tone Finish



Black Ripple Finish



Silver Ripple Finish


Mirror Polished Finish

ECB products are finished with the same high standards and exacting methods that are employed in our manufacturing and design processes. When you choose the best products available, you can be sure that they will present as well as they perform. Our available product finishes include Powdercoating and Mirror Polishing.

ECB's popular standard finish is a choice of 3 powdercoat colours. These popular finishes are known as "Silver Hammertone", "Black Ripple" & "Silver Ripple". Whilst offering superb eye catching appearance, the attractive and durable, textured powder coat finishes are everlasting and require virtually no maintenance. Perfectly suited to today's modern vehicles and busy lifestyles, this maintenance free finish, looks great as the range available integrates with many vehicle colour and finish schemes, whilst allowing you to enjoy your vehicle looking great all the time, rather than spending your valuable time maintaining the traditional shiny, finish.

All products with a powdercoat finish go through a 4-step preparation process. Once fully prepared they are then powder painted with the required powdercoat finish via an electro charged dry powder painting process. When they are fully painted, they are then baked in a specially designed powder cure oven at temperatures in excess of 230° degrees. This process ensures that your product is fully protected from the elements and the finish is there to stay, providing you with continued long lasting presentation and performance.

If the appeal of Mirror Polished alloy is more your style, then you may choose this option on a number of ECB product lines. ECB’s reputation as the best quality polished finish in the industry has not been earned lightly. ECB demands the highest standard of workmanship, which is reflected in the quality of the finish on ECB polished products. The polishing process is a very manual one, requiring extensive skill and intense labour. If you decide that a Mirror Polished product is what you want, then that is exactly what you'll get from ECB Not some thing that just looks shiny but the true "Mirror Polished."